So I read... A LOT. I normally finish one book in a day or if i'm not too busy in a few hours. I consider myself to be a chronic reader. I read EVERYTHING I can get my get my hands on and I am almost always critiquing and pulling apart the books I read. I am the typical reader, the one who reads a book and for the few hours that I'm reading I'm thinking about the characters as real. I laugh when things are funny and I get upset along with my favorite character when things don't go their way. I take reading seriously and to me writing is an art, it takes a lot of work to write a really good book (I would know, I am currently working on a book at the moment). I respect all authors because without them what would I do when I'm tired from studying and want to take a break? Or if I'm eating by myself at a restaurant? That's right I read while I eat, I read while i do everything (like I said chronic reader and all). Writers with their captivating story and equally captivating characters make a difference after a really long day and you want to just curl up in bed under the blankets and get lost for a few hours in somebody else's world.

Have you ever read a book and it was so good you want to recommend to everyone you meet? You want to tell everybody how crazy a character was or you want someone to read it too so you can talk about it with them? I decided to create a blog to critique and review some of the books I read because I want to tell everybody about them. I've read all types of books from the really good ones that you don't want to put down, the ones that confuse you so much you have to re-read it a second time to the ones that are so bad you have to stop by the 4th chapter and wonder what am I reading?

This blog is to all the great authors who give us great stories and light up our lives with their characters.



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